We are over the moon excited to announce we won GOLD in the 2020 St.Catharines Reader's Choice Awards! This year has had many ups and downs, long days and nights, a lot of change, new beginnings, unexpected circumstances and many unknown outcomes however 2020 brought us this small business. This year brought us YOU, this huge community of love and support. It brought us closer together as a couple, it made Ryan and myself business partners. It has tested our relationship, it has brought out our creative side, this year has made so many connections, it has allowed us to ignite our passions, our dreams and goals and this was all possible because of our hard work, love for crafting, our passion and resilience and of course all of you. Every single day this business grows, we grow as a team, and we feel like we win every day because we are truly doing something we love. Rose Quartz & Co has flourished into something we never knew was possible until we began working on it. Endless sleepless nights, long coffee filled days, working doubles between our jobs, trial and error, feelings of pure bliss and defeat, we finally can sit back after a crazy 6 months and breathe. We finally are in the swing of things and seeing that you voted for us gave us even more of a light to keep going. It isn't always easy but it is worth it. We can't thank you enough for the continued love and support, for cheering us on, for your sweet messages and reviews, the beautiful shops that believe in our products, we cannot thank you all enough. But what we can say is that every moment we are awake, we are working to give you the best possible products and experience. We work to provide you with goods that help you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. We want you to know always that we don't create these products for any other reason than that. To help your days be more calm, lighter and brighter, easier and to give you strength. So thank you all for making this happen. 
XO- Chayse & Ryan

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