The soft woodsy evergreen scents, the earthy notes, the memories of sticky fingers, and prickly needles. The canopy of green, the snowy & icy umbrellas above us. The forests are our favourite place to be. Surrounded by Mother Nature, healing botanicals, the sweet scents of Pine & Spruce, these are just a few reasons why the forests are where we go to unwind and create magic. 

What is Resin? 

Tree resin is not only an important part to the trees but also has powerful healing properties that humans can benefit from. Resin is the sticky sap that oozes from Evergreen trees. This resin protects the tree when a branch is broken, or a tree has a hole, cut or damage by insects. The tree sends the resin flowing to these injuries and clogs the entrance way, so harmful pests cannot enter. 

So why add Resin into skincare?

Spruce & Pine Resin have antimicrobial and wound healing properties. It can help with skin regeneration and fights off bacteria. This makes it the perfect ingredient to heal cuts, burns, cracked and dry skin, as well as skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 

What is Chaga Mushroom?

Chaga is a fungus found on all birch tree species. It can be found in northern Europe, Asia, Northeastern USA and of course Canada! It is most commonly made into teas and can be taken in pill form for its amazing health benefits. It is even known to reduce the spread of cancer! But more recently we have found it is extremely beneficial in skincare. If it can heal the inside why not the outside!

Benefits of Chaga:

Chaga is known to reduce dark spots from sun damage. Chaga has some of the highest forms of pigment and melanin and provides UV protection. 

The mushroom can help slow the aging process. Chaga is known to be able to fight off free radicals off. What are free radicals? These are pollutions, exposure and stress. The antioxidants found in Chaga can eliminate any oxidative stress and can prevent the onset of wrinkles, acne or discolouration. 

Chaga can help with your skins elasticity. It aids in collagen production and helps with skin regeneration with helps bring back the natural look in your skin. This also can help fight acne. Chaga contains enzymes that help retain moisture, while minimizing clogged pores. 

We wanted to create a natural salve that represented Canada, where we both grew up! From the large Evergreens out in BC to the Chaga in the birch trees here in Ontario. We created a moisturizing salve that reminds us of home. Take a little piece of Canada wherever you go. 






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